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Technical Documentation

One way of bringing order in the chaos is by using markup languages in order to make it easier for software systems to process information. XML is such a markup language, but it’s certainly not the only one, and there are many XML document types. Today’s fastest growing standard for structured writing is DITA. At LATERN3 we can apply DITA to your new projects and we can even transform your existing documentation into DITA. We can provide various 2D illustrations generated from 3D models or created by our graphics designers of the Authoring Teams.

Types of Technical Documentation we develop:

  • User manuals

  • Quick start guides

  • Installation manuals

  • Safety instructions

  • Service manuals

  • Maintainance manuals

  • Training information

  • Spare parts cataloguing​​

  • Technical marketing catalogue


You can choose between multiple delivery option based on your project:

  • PDF Multiple layout options

  • XML Direct xml data to implement it in your existing digital system

  • PRINTED Multiple layout and quality options based on project


Business Meeting

CAD Modeling

Preparation of advanced & complex shapes 3D-parametric models including three-dimensional models based on CAD Technical Drawings or New Part/Assembly development. 3D model along with the Bill Of Materials  will be provided to the client converted in the requested format.

Technical Drawings

Generation of technical documents, engineering specifications and drawings,  according to international standards BSI, ISO, ASME & ANSI for technical drawings, this service help speed up the process of production and saves both time and manpower usually needed for manufacturers.

We provide 3D CAD analysis to prepare specific production files based on methodology used to manufacture a part or assembly. Multiple methodology can be used to produce a part or assembly therefore we provide step by step production files to cover all the manufacture processes.

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